Eczema is a common skin condition identified by itchy red skin that often appears rough and scaly. Skin may blister and weep, and scratching can result in bleeding. The cause and severity varies from person to person and can be linked to diet, stress and environmental factors.   In order to manage and ease the effects of this condition, always keep the skin properly hydrated and moisturised.

Avoid products containing SLS, other harsh sulfates and perfume as these can irritate the skin further.  Skincare products containing mineral oils ultimately dry the skin out, so instead opt for certified natural rich creams and oils to replenish the skin’s lost moisture. Protect and nourish the skin to help prevent it becoming dry and inflamed. Avoid scratching and try to break the itch/scratch cycle which will in turn prevent further infection. Always read the label and research ingredients to verify their safety and suitability for your skin.

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