Oily skin can be a blessing if it is well looked after as it will often age better and look younger for longer. The oil in your skin is a valuable asset but can also cause congestion, blackheads and breakouts. Most teenagers experience this during adolescence but for many people it can continue into adulthood.

It is important to take extra care to balance excess oils without upsetting the skin’s acid mantle. Products which strip the skin of oil will leave it feeling dry and cause an increase in sebum production, ultimately causing the skin to be oilier.

Use a gentle, natural foam or gel cleanser, a non-astringent toner and follow with a light moisturiser.
Exfoliating weekly with a gentle natural scrub or exfoliant will help clear congestion.  Follow this with an extra deep cleanse using a clay mask which will gently draw out oils and impurities.

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